Consultancy and Key Personnel Supply
Medisky has gained wide experience on Power and Oil&Gas plants and created a large database of western Engineers and Technicians certified by OEM organisations with expertise in different technical areas.
Gas Turbine Planned Inspections
Medisky can supervise mechanical, electrical and Instrumental assessments. At the end of each inspection a complete report with list of parts to be refurbished, list of parts to be changed and suggested upgrades is consigned.

Gas Turbine TroubleShooting
Expert Engineers and technicians in mechanical, electrical and instrumental fields can be supplied for troubleshooting activities on most common gas turbine of the market.

Gas Turbine Overhauling Supervisors
Key Engineers and western technical personnel OEM certified for supervision of overhauling activities on a wide range of inland gas turbine can be supplied. If required, Medisky can provide devices, tools and special tools to perform all the activities.
Capital parts Refurbishment
Being a manufacturing company of new capital parts, Medisky is able to inspect used parts and perform on them light, medium or heavy repair. It can also supply replacement parts in case some cannot be refurbished.
Reverse Engineering and Part Procurement
In case is necessary to reproduce some mechanical parts Medisky is the right choice. It is able to reverse engineering any kind of spare part of a gas turbine and to coordinate the supply chain of specialized companies for the production. Starting from some new or used parts Medisky can reproduce: Hot Gas Path blades and vanes, compressor statoric and rotoric blades, transition pieces, liners, fuel nozzles, rings, disks, gasket etc.
Electronic Board Procurement/Repair and Control System Upgrades
Medisky together with its partners is able to provide all the assistance you need for the maintenance and the upgrade of the Control system of your Gas Turbine.
Oil Sludge Treatment
MEDISKY offers oil sludge treatment for:      
    Crude Waste Oil Sludge
    From waste oil lagoons
    From oil storage tanks
    Oil pipeline cleaning
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