High Quality Capital Parts Production
Medisky in years of activity has developed huge quantity of Hot Gas Path Blades and Vanes. Parts are casted only in the best foundries in the European and Northern American market starting from high quality alloys. Machining & coating processes are performed by experienced and well known companies with long experience on this field.  
Medisky continuously develops new products driven by the needs of its customers.
To produce a new component with high quality standards it is necessary to perform rigorous Reverse Engineering activities to acquire all the metallurgical and dimensional data that characterize the part and to plan, develop and rigidly encode the chain of all manufacturing processes.
Capital Parts Development and Manufacturing Processes Chain
Developed Parts - Short Delivery Parts - Ready to Delivery Parts
Currently Medisky has already developed tens of capital parts for gas turbine such as V94.2, Frame9E, MS5002, Frame5, PGT10, Frame6 and RR AVON 1533-1534-1535 and 200.
In order to better satisfy its customer, Medisky has started a production program to deliver capital parts in short time or directly from its warehouse.
For more information about list of spares in stock and technical data sheets of capital parts please contact us.
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