Compressor / Steam Turbine Blades & G.T. Ancillaries
Compressor Blades / Steam Turbine Blades

Stainless Steel Compressor Blades are manufactured in complex shapes from forged raw parts for the bigger stages and from bar stock for the smaller stages using 5 and 6 axis CNC machining device. Blades are supplied as ready to fit, completely machined and coated where applicable, individually weight moment balanced.
Gas Turbine Ancillary

We supply a variety of parts, consumables and subsystems that are integrated in the main turbine system.
Supplies include virtually any part needed such as:
- Assembly kits for
- Compressor Blades
- Gas turbine Blades
- Gas turbine Vanes
- Bearings
- Gaskets
- Springs
- Filters
- Valves
- Pumps
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