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Medisky has become a well-known aftermarket manufacturer company in

the Power Generation and Oil&Gas markets for inland and aeroderivative

gas turbines.

For more than 10 years is producing high quality Hot Gas Path Blades &

Vanes and Combustion Chambers in some of the best foundries and

machining shops in Western Europe.

A vast network of European suppliers allows Medisky to deliver to its

customers complete spare parts solutions for the Overhauling of a wide

range of Gas Turbines.

Medisky is a reliable and competitive supplier for:

Gas Turbine Products

Supported Engines

Medisky is able to supply compatible spare parts for GE, Nuovo Pignone,

SIEMENS, ANSALDO, RR Gas turbines such as for example V94.2, Frame9,

MS5002, Pgt10 and RR Avon among others.