First step of a Reverse Engineering project is the correct acquisition

of all necessary data.

Using white laser 3D scanners and the most advanced techniques

available in the market, exterior and interior surfaces of the

component are acquired.

Via chemical analysis the materials used for casting and coating are


Surfaces acquired are analysed

separately and then merged.

The exact profile of the machined

surfaces is detected.

3D Models necessary for the

Manufacturing activities are issued : Casting, Machining Coating

Using the most stringent tolerances,

2D Drawing Manufacturing Specification and Acceptance Criteria documents are produced.

Airfoil profile and each drawing dimension are validated on minimum

6 original pieces in order to avoid any kind of deviance of drawings

from parts.

The documentation produced guaranteesan accurate reproduction of

original components in terms of shape, material and performaces.

Data Acquisition                                                     Data Elaboration

Data Validation

Documentation Produced

3D Models

2D Drawings

Manufacturing Specifications

and Acceptance Criteria






Reverse Engineering Process